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Legacy Will UK - Will Writers in West London Testimonials

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Legacy Will UK - Will Writers in West London Testimonials

If I’d known it was this easy I’d have arranged my Will years ago!
- Mrs Nolan, Chalfont

Thankfully the jargon was kept to a minimum; I can actually understand what my Will says!
- Mr Lloyd, Eastcote

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On the Phone

Arranging your Will over the phone is possible but not recommended. Some things are better explained face to face.

If you are unsure of which method is best for you then give us a call to discuss it and we can advise you.

Our service is completely confidential. You can take the time to make your decision. There is no pressure to decide on the spot.

During the telephone conversation you will be able to chat about the key roles within a Will such as;
  •  Executors – Person(s) you appoint to deal with your estate
  •  Trustees – Person(s) appointed to be the legal administrator of any trust(s)
  •  Guardians – Person(s) who become guardians of your minor children

You will be able to decide how best to distribute your estate either by:

  •  Specific gifts
  •  Monetary amounts
  •  Charitable gifts
  •  Or as one large amount that can be split between as many beneficiaries as you wish in percentages or shares

You will also have the opportunity to ask questions about:

  •  Advanced Directives (Living Wills)
  •  Memorandums of wishes
  • Probate
  •  Property Trusts
  •  Lasting Powers of Attorneys
  •  And much more…

After talking to our consultant, you may decide that it would want to discuss some things in more details in a consultation rather than over the phone. We will be happy to accommodate this.*

The Cost

Single Will£47
Mirror Wills£97
Advanced Directives£25

*Additional charges may apply

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