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Legacy Will UK - Will Writers in West London Testimonials

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Legacy Will UK - Will Writers in West London Testimonials

If I’d known it was this easy I’d have arranged my Will years ago!
- Mrs Nolan, Chalfont

Thankfully the jargon was kept to a minimum; I can actually understand what my Will says!
- Mr Lloyd, Eastcote

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Our Services

Advance Directives

At Legacy we believe that you should have the right to make decisions about your future healthcare.

Advance Directives are instructions given by individuals specifying what actions should be taken for their health in the event that they are no longer able to make decisions due to illness or incapacity.

Will Storage

Your Will is a very important document it doesn’t make sense to put it in a draw and keep your fingers crossed that when it’s needed someone will find it!
Is the Will they find the most up to date one?

Were the grandchildren short of drawing paper and your Will was the first thing to come to hand?
We could go on, but hopefully you’ve got the point, by taking advantage of our storage facilities through Kings Court Trust Corporation you will always know that you will is secure and your executors will know where to find it.

Probate Advice

Each of has different circumstances that can change on a regular basis, therefore deciding if you want or need to instruct a professional to administer your estate when you are making your Will may be an expensive waste of time. In association with Kings Court Trust Corporation we leave the decision to your trustees whilst still offering the service. In some cases the administration of your estate can be dealt with by a relative or family friend, but wouldn’t it be useful to have the option to call on a long established reputable company if needed?

Memorandum of Wishes

A will is used to ensure that your estate is distributed as quickly and efficiently as possible and deals with the bulk of your estate, there are however times when you wish to give smaller less valuable items such as jewellery or household items to specific family or friends. This can be achieved by including a Memorandum of Wishes with your Will.

Protective Property Trusts

Every year thousands of homes are seized to pay for debts against the homeowner, whether it’s for nursing or care home fees, bankruptcy or some other reason it will mean that, in some cases a large proportion of your estate is “swallowed up”. Using a Protective Property Trust can reduce your exposure and save your loved ones losing thousands of pounds.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

None of us know what the future holds and there may come a time when we are unable to make decisions about your own life (losing mental capacity). It isn’t a very pleasant thought and if it happens no one can do much about it, however by putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place you can ensure that you can appoint the person who makes the decisions about your life rather than leaving it to someone you don’t know.

Lifetime Updates

During our lives our circumstances can change!
Part of the service we offer is to update your Will free of charge when these changes take place for example you decide to change your executors, move house, have more children or grandchildren, the list is endless. Rather than paying for a new Will each time one of the happens we offer to just update your existing Will.
We offer many other services which may or may not be of interest to you, but by arranging a free initial consultation we’ll be able to tell you about them and answer any questions you have.

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