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Legacy Will UK - Will Writers in West London Testimonials

If I’d known it was this easy I’d have arranged my Will years ago!
- Mrs Nolan, Chalfont

Thankfully the jargon was kept to a minimum; I can actually understand what my Will says!
- Mr Lloyd, Eastcote

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When to register a Lasting Power of Attorney?

I recently had a client that had a Lasting Power of Attorney prepared by a solicitor and proudly showed it to me when I mentioned the importance of having one during a Will consultation.

“Great” I said “when was it prepared?”

“About 2 years ago”

Oh, why isn’t it registered?

The answer

I was told I didn’t need to register it until it was needed!

Aggggghhhhhh Said I!

I went on to explain that an LPA should be registered as soon as it has been prepared, the reason, what happens if there has been a minor mistake when completing the form, the person creating the LPA may by that time (when its needed) may no longer have the mental capacity to resign a new LPA.

The Office of the Public Guardian, quite rightly, expect all LPA documentation to be perfect and if it isn’t it gets sent back to be redone. Even the pro’s can make silly mistakes on occasion, none of us are perfect.

All their planning out of the window!

So if you have an LPA sitting in a draw waiting to be sent off “when its needed”.


Yes there’s a registration fee (currently £130) but paying that is better than your nearest and dearest finding out that an LPA that they may be relying on is useless when it’s too late.