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Legacy Will UK - Will Writers in West London Testimonials

If I’d known it was this easy I’d have arranged my Will years ago!
- Mrs Nolan, Chalfont

Thankfully the jargon was kept to a minimum; I can actually understand what my Will says!
- Mr Lloyd, Eastcote

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What age do you want your children to inherit?

Anyone making a Will that has young children will ask themselves at what age should my son or daughter inherit my estate should the worst happen. It’s a question I often get asked.

My response “If I’d inherited a large amount of money when I was 18 I know how much of it would have been left by 19 (not a lot)”. Fortunately most children are probably more sensible than I was at that age, but if you have very young children how can you be sure how sensible they will be at 18?

The answer?

  1. Put in your Will that your children inherit at 21 or 25 if you’d prefer.
  2. That doesn’t mean they can’t benefit from the estate it just means they can’t spend all their inheritance, the money will be controlled by your trustee’s/executors
  3. Review your Will on a regular basis to keep pace with your children’s development.
  4. There is no reason why you can’t add a prevision in your Will giving your children your estate in stages, say 25% at 18, 25% at 21 and the balance at 25!

There are always options available and when writing your Will, just ask!

Remember “Writing a Will never killed anyone, it just ensured that they have prepared should the worst happen”.